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Rob Crossland
Founder of Optionis Group

Shelley is an intelligent, driven and professional operator. Shelley rose to help massively improve how we looked at business development and get results with and through people. I would not have a moments hesitation in recommending Shelley for a senior role in an organisation. A true professional with a great grip of what makes a modern sales operation tick

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Shankar Devarashetty
Managing Director of
Oasis Group

We ‘Oasis Umbrella Ltd’ availed Shelley’s services while we are going though FCSA accreditation and launching our CIS offering. Shelley has exceptionally good knowledge of the FCSA code, she is very friendly and approachable with extensive umbrella knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend Shelley’s services.

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Adam Holby
Managing Director of
Fair Pay Services

We worked with Shelley to provide some outsourced coaching when expanding our Sales team. 
Shelley is friendly, easy to work with, and her industry knowledge has been invaluable in providing the new members of the team with the confidence to approach their roles. I would highly recommend her services to any other business looking to gain external support.

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Nicholas Plank
Riddingtons Payroll Services 

We have engaged Shelley services for just over a year now and we will continue to do so going forward. Shelley has time and time again provided invaluable help and assistance to us on our never ending journey of compliance, changes and pushing forward with the FCSA accreditation. We were recommended to Shelley and can whole heartily recommend her to you, all this plus she's a real joy to work with.

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Nathaniel Giddings - Managing Director Amaze Umbrella

I recently had the opportunity to work closely with Shelley on a key proposition launch within my business and was impressed. Shelley’s experience has allowed her to developed a panoramic view across the payroll industry. This, layered with a deep understanding of current trends and emerging legislation made for a highly efficient project scoping, development & delivery.

From the get-go Shelley displayed a willingness to truly explore and uncover the specific requirements of my business and by doing so was able to offer timely and practical consultation on the project. Offering a good degree of project oversight, value add touch points and a sprinkling of pragmatism, I would high recommend Shelley’s services.

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Olivia Sear 
Stonebridge Contracting

Shelley is highly organised, excellent at building rapport and consistently went above and beyond to deliver positive outcomes. She is an asset to have on your side and we could not have succeeded in our project without her knowledgeable advice and assistance.

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